Jul 15 2009

Marina Hotel – Rooftop Bar

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White…White… And a nice breeze

The Marina Hotel, located in the smelliest area I know (it really stinks – the stench of urine is what characterizes Atarim Square the most), opened a huge, lovely bar on its roof. Two years ago I visited friends from abroad staying at the hotel and we went up to the pool, which at the time looked like a small pool or a puddle, surrounded by a wooden deck. If you’d have tried walking barefoot on the deck, you probably would have ended up with quite a splinter in your foot.

Yesterday I went there to meet a friend. I can’t describe what they’ve done to the place! I don’t really remember who manages the place or does their PR, but they’ve done an amazing job. First of all, the place is huge! Spacious with white couches in every corner and three bars, which are white as well, scattered across the multi-level roof.

The music was nice, and it feels more like a place where you’d want to host a birthday party or sit with friends, rather than a place to see and be seen, simply because it’s too big. It was only when I went to the bathroom for the first time that I saw Eyal Kitzis and his girlfriend at the bar next to the pool, on what appeared to be a boring double date with Shifra, who won “Big Brother” and the guy from Eretz Nehederet… Celebrities from the Holy Land…

There’s food there, not much, but it’s nice – mini shnitzles, fajitas and sandwiches and alcohol is served in plastic cups, since it is a functioning pool during the day…

In short – it’s a fun summer place. It doesn’t have Sublet’s atmosphere, but it’s a different type of fun.

Marina Hotel – Hayarkon 67
בר גג מלון מרינה

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